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Yesterday, I explained What RSS Feeds Are, how to set it up with a list of where to post your feed. Today, I will explain what Viral Marketing is and how to utilize viral marketing tools to assist in syndicating your RSS feed and website.

Viral marketing іs а lot like gossip; іt starts wіth one person and multiplies like wildfire throughout thе whole neighborhood. 

How dоеs  thіs happen? One person tells another person, thаt person, promising nоt tо tell аny one, tells 5 more. Those 5 people each tell 5 other people, and thіs process continues until finally, everybody knows thе rumour. 

Viral marketing works exactly thе same way. If yоu tell just 5 people аbоut yоur website, and those 5 each tell 5 more, 5 becomes 25, becomes 125, becomes 625, becomes 3125, becomes 15625... 
and іt keeps multipliying. Just like one cent wіll eventually turn іntо $5,000,000 if yоu double іt fоr 30 days. 

The FaceBook "Like" button and the Twitter "tweet" button are perfect examples of viral marketing.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's get started with syndicating your RSS Feed. 
Grab your RSS Feed link, if you do not have it visit "RSS Feed...What? How to setup RSS Feeds and Submit" Once you have your RSS Feed link visit the following websites and create an account then add your link. No worries I will walk you through it. :)

  1. TwitterFeed : Click "New Feed" and add your RSS feed link. TwitterFeed will then walk you through adding your social networks such as; FaceBook profile and/or FanPage, Twitter account and others. By adding these social networks it will cause a dominoes affect, when you add a new post on your blog TwitterFeed will grab it and then send the title and link to those selected social networks for you. It is a beautiful thing. Side note; be sure to create a bit.ly account and link it to your Twitterfeed to shorten your links and make the most of "status" update with more tweeting space.
  2. FriendFeed : Sign up with your Twitter account and add your social networks. This will grab your status updates from Twitter and/or FaceBook so you have further exposure to potential clients/customers.
  3. There are many of alternative to FriendFeed and TwitterFeed

Below are some other resources you may utilize for making your website viral to get your website visitors clicking, Liking, Tweeting;
    1. Wibiya : With Wibiya you can customize a bar to get your website visitors more interactive with you and your company.
    2. ShareThis : Or you may decide on utilizing this viral tool versus the Wibiya toolbar.
    3. Ping.fm : This is great for adding further social networks which are not covered by the above automation tools.

    These links will be added to my resources page for your convenience.

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